Top 10 mind bending word puzzle games

Games are a rich part of a human life. There is a sense of achievement and contentment that comes along with solving a word puzzle which is often the best feeling, one can get. While engaging in a game a person's mind gets cleared and relaxes. There are many online games accessed freely on the internet, not only for PC but for mobile as well like free slot games for android phones.

Word Zen is a good game in case you need to relax after a long day of work. It is played by choosing tiles that create words of three or more letters. The fun part of it is the background song that soothes the heart. You move to the next puzzle only after scoring within the time limit.

Wild West Hangman is a routine and a mind game. You first choose a category, like animals, states or countries, then choose letters to come up with a word from a selected topic. It is an excellent online game.

Word Bird is useful if you want to have fun. You swipe through letters arranged in a is free to select a topic, then look for words related to the topic from the crossword. There are two hints in case you get stuck.

Word Wipe is like any other word puzzle but its difference is that once you come up with a word, tiles are cleared. The goals get harder as you progress to the next level. The word does not have to be arranged in a line. It is a game that helps create skills and challenge oneself.

Text twist 2 helps improve your speed. It’s a remedy to those whose speed is wanting. One creates as many words as possible from the displayed words. The number of possible and a number of letters in each is indicated at the top of the game. If you get suck, you simply shake your gadget to shuffle the letters.

Word bites have a colorful game board. Letters in the puzzle are written on tiles with varied colors. You have to use the number of colored tiles indicated in the instructions to come up with a word and score successfully. Succeeding in this game brings a sense of satisfaction since it is a challenging game.

Word Craft game SWordz is a unique game, this game is very challenging, and it tests your keenness. It is different from the others sincere words selected are not related.

7 Words can be played online for free, seven clues are given in sentence form, and then you choose one word that answers the question. The game tests your IQ and sharpness.

Word Craft often pops out during Halloween but it can be played all year long. You create as many words as possible from the selected list within the time limit. If you find the magic word indicated at the top, you are added more points.

Sheffer Crossword offers different challenges each day, you can pick it up from where you left since it is a tough game. It resembles the Sudoku.

A good word puzzle should be replayable. It must have a time factor, it should not be too engaging that you lose track of time. It must have success on the first attempt and harder as you continue solving the solutions, this will reduce the chances of people getting discouraged. The levels should be varied to avoid monotony and boredom.