The most puzzling internet games in the world

The internet is ever the repository to a mind-bending puzzle game and yes no one feels good when they are not able to figure out an answer to a difficult riddle. To add on that, research shows that puzzles and games keep your brain active and sharp in your old age. But for you to be able to solve these puzzles you need technical skills which may include altering some image files or even hooking the source code in a certain page at least to get clues.

The good thing about these games is that with the fact that you are not able to solve one, it does not mean that you lack computer skills rather this logic is meant to test the capability of your brain. In this article, we are meant to focus on some of the hardest and puzzling internet Dnotorious to be solved puzzle based games that are found on the internet. Though we cannot say they are the hardest, they are so brain-teasing and you will notice that some very bright minds can be able to work on this.

101 Friday Puzzles (Web): Richard Wiseman’s 101 Brainteasers

Richard Wiseman known for his amazing illusions which will definitely blow up your mind is a psychologist and an internet celebrity who invented this puzzle. He is a famed logician and posts his riddle or puzzle for the ones who would love to solve it on his YouTube channel. Unique features: The puzzles often use a combination of lateral and linear thinking. This is because you will find matchstick problems and even some will include picture based problems which will definitely include some critical thinking. He also shares some riddles on his blog. These are logical riddles which are not easy to solve without a lot of critical thinking involved.

Sudoku Escargot (Web): This is the Hardest Sudoku Ever

Built by Arto lnkala, a Mathematician, he named it Al Sudoku which is built in an algorithm to generate a very challenging Sudoku. Most of us are familiar with these numbers-oriented types of Sudoku games. This at least gives you mind a work out for some minutes or so. This probably makes you a guru in it. But have you tried solving this hardest Sudoku before? Features of Sudoku Escargot: It has symbols on its menu which will help you and direct you on how you will solve the problem. You have to click on the import a Sudoku button to start off. Unknown squares are filled with the candidate to begin the game.

NSA’s Puzzles Periodical (Web): A Monthly Difficult New Puzzle

puzzling internet KLiterally known as the National Security Agency puzzle game, it is not common to most users due to its spying and infringements of privacy. Though, to amazement is that you will realize some of the brightest minds work there. And for every month, one of them submits a puzzle to the world for people to figure out. Unequaled features of NSA’s Puzzle Periodical. The National Security Agency employees submit different unique puzzles every month that are not just a go through but mind-blowing ones. The NSA staffs also work on most of the world’s exhilarating and demanding high-tech engineering challenges. After some time of testing these puzzles, you will at least have the ability to think abstractly, solve the impossible and even challenge the unknown.

In conclusion, if you are a person who loves giving your mind some workouts, you should make an effort of trying out some of the above-mentioned puzzles. Just to mention on a few that you should also check out is the Blue Eyes (web): XKCD’s being the hardest logic puzzle and Logic Mazes (Web): Robert Abbortt’s Famous Puzzles.