How much do you enjoy puzzles and word games?

Word games are usually board games, sometimes spoken that are designed to test one's capabilities or proficiency with language and vocabulary. Their objective is to entertain or educate. Some of the most common forms of word games and puzzles include crossword puzzles, vocabulary games, hangman, and word search. Some word games and puzzles are specific to children while others are for adults.

Crossword puzzles

Crossword KCrossword puzzles are no doubt the world's most famous word games. They constitute squares for each letter and words can be read vertically or horizontally. Most crossword puzzles are specific to adults and require an extensive knowledge of vocabulary. They involve filling the squares with letters which form words. The answers are got from solving clues. The board also includes shaded squares whose objective is to separate the phrases or words.

Vocabulary games

Vocabulary games are majorly for practicing language and improving vocabulary skills. Most vocabulary games are made for children. They are meant to be fun as well as educative. The level of critical thinking required is specific to each individual game. Some require more thinking than others but generally, vocabulary games are usually more simplified than crossword puzzles.


Hangman involves two or more players. With Hangman a player thinks of a sentence, word or phrase. The other player or players then try to guess the word by suggesting numbers or letters. Dashes represent each letter and usually, names, places, proper nouns, brands, and slang words are not allowed. The guessing player is given a specified number of chances to make guesses. If he or she makes a correct guess, the other player places that letter in all its positions in the word. If he makes a wrong guess, the other players adds an element to a figure of a hanging man or stick. At any point in the game, the guessing player is allowed to guess the whole word. If he or she makes a correct guess then he has won the game and the game is over. And if it's a wrong guess, he gets penalized, the other player adds an element to the hanging man figure.

In case the hanging man figure is completed without the guesser completing the word, he or she has lost the game and the game is over. The guesser can also win the game by making enough correct guesses before the hanging man figure is completed. Another alternative to the hanging man is an apple tree with ten apples and apples get crossed out as the guesses get used up.

Word Search

A word search puzzle is a word game with words scattered in a box. The objective of the game is to find words that are hidden in the letters and mark them. Sometimes some of the hidden words in the box are given and one's job is to find the words but in some games finding the words is all up to the player. The words are usually placed vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Many word search puzzles are based on a theme and all the words in the puzzle are derived from that theme.