5 crossword puzzle sites for real enthusiasts

Research has shown that these brain teasers help keep dementia and Alzheimer’s away, improve our memories and even relieve stress. With so many advantages, it is easy to see why so many people are so addicted to these kinds of puzzles. As often happens with the internet, there are several sites devoted to crossword puzzles, however- here are 5 that are perfect for real enthusiasts out there.

PennyDellPuzzles.com: This site offers a new, free crossword puzzles every day. You are required to sign in to this site for their puzzles, but once you do, you get access to their daily crosswords and archives. They put up two puzzles, the Penny Daily Crossword which is fairly easy and the Dell Daily Crossword that has a medium difficulty level. Apart from the free puzzles, Penny Dell also has a paid subscription for crossword puzzle books that are delivered to your home.

Best Crosswords.com: This site has new crossword puzzles with varying difficulty and topics. More than 600,000 crosswords were solved on their site in a month making it one of the more popular sites for these puzzles. This site offers 16 new puzzles every day. This is quite a popular site and even has competitions for its users. For competitive puzzles you’d have to be either a registered member or subscribe to their premium package. However, even if you do not wish to do this, there are plenty of puzzles added every day. If you get through those, the site has an archive of over 100,000 puzzles you can access.

The Crossword Network: This site has several different kinds of crossword puzzles to offer, including American style, UK style and Freeform crosswords. Apart from the different styles, you will also get many difficulty levels from easy and quick to cryptic. These crosswords are great especially if you’re looking for a different kind of puzzle to solve. If you get stuck you can use the helper tool. The Find and Fit allows you to enter the alphabets you have from the word and the tool will look for words that fit the pattern.

YouPlay.com: This site offers a new daily puzzle for free in all their categories and you have access to four crosswords from the previous days. If you wish to play more you have to register, though it is free. Their puzzles are quite interesting and are based on themes. If you’re up for a challenge, the elevenses crossword is a great way to fire up your brain cells. All the answers in this puzzle are 11 letter words. There are many different levels of difficulty.

brain teasers AWebCrosswords.com: This site has some great puzzles to offer too. The site is committed to providing several crossword puzzles every day. They have a great selection of puzzles including some for kids. As with other websites, this one has a helper tool as well. With the sheer number of puzzles available on this site, it is easy to lose track of time.

If you are a fan a particular newspaper crossword you can also access the puzzle online. The best part about online puzzles is that you don’t have to wait to know if your answers were correct. Most sites have an auto corrector that will let you know if you’ve entered the wrong letter. Whether you’re a seasoned crossword solver or new to the world of puzzles, these are some great sites to check out.