Being puzzled is our business!

people who work togetherBelow is a group of people who work together on a website dedicated to crossword puzzles. They started the website because of their shared passion for crossword puzzles. To them, crossword puzzles are as important as eating or sleeping. Their goal is to bring together people from all over the world and from all walks of life who share the same passion. Through the website, they share their stories and those of others who love crossword puzzles.

A young crossword puzzle fan "The Puzzle Prince"

Edmund Moser is the head writer of this website. His whole world revolves around crossword puzzles. If he is not engaged in one, he is either writing about them or talking about them. He loves words and he often says, "I live and breath words". His favorite quote is "Never underestimate the power of the mind". He believes that recognizing the power of the mind is the first step towards bravery and success, and he always encourages those around him to engage in crosswords puzzles too.

Award winning puzzle expert "The Puzzle King”

Evan Rogers is our website editor. A proud collector of crossword puzzles. He is basically a living encyclopedia for all things crossword related. He often says, "If you want to know me or be my friend, first get familiar with crossword puzzles." Most of his family find his obsession with crossword puzzles weird, but then again, they shouldn't be too surprised because he has always been unconventional. And not because he tries to be, it is simply who he is.

A retired puzzle enthusiast "The Puzzle Oracle"

Sharon Tremond is a contributing writer to the website. She always tells her online friends, "To understand puzzles is to simplify life because nothing is more complicated than crossword puzzles". Wherever she goes, she tries to spread the culture of crossword puzzles. For her, crossword puzzles represent; joy, education, love, inspiration, peace, faith, hope and a never-give-up spirit. These are also her core values in life. She lives by them and preaches their power.

A middle-aged crossword puzzle fan "The Puzzle Queen"

Nancy Blake is an associate editor for the website. She is always in search of so-called impossible puzzles. With her, there is no such thing as an impossible crossword puzzle. She is an individual who is always up for a challenge. Put her up to a task and her results shall exceed your expectations. Nancy likes surprising people, especially those who doubt her. She is strong, physically and mentally. She always strives to be the best in everything she does. Her favorite quote is, "I lead and others will follow".

This group of people strongly believes in the power of crossword puzzles. They believe crossword puzzles contribute to the mental and physical health of those who engage in them. They also believe that crossword puzzles are a source of strength and confidence for those who engage in them. Through their website, they hope to spread the love for crossword puzzles. Their goal is to introduce more people to crossword puzzles and hope that others will reap the benefits that they are glad they have experienced through engaging in crossword puzzles. That’s why we’re extending ourselves to you to hear your comments and thought what you might like to see listed or shown here. Let us know what you think- anytime:


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